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My site, jrummyapps.com, works fine on computers but if I view the full site on my Nexus10 I am not able to get the dropdowns to work. Is this fixable with something? I am new to tablet sites so I am not sure where to start.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: The code located in header.php of the theme folder is,

<div id="mainmenu" class="<?php echo siteorigin_setting('general_scale_main_menu') ? 'scaled' : '' ?>">
    <div class="container">
            'theme_location' => 'main',
            'menu_id' => 'mainmenu-menu',
            'fallback_cb' => 'pitch_fallback_nav',

Not sure if this helps or not. As I am not sure if I am able to add in code to the divs that it is nested into and have it affect the site. As the site is live, I would prefer to know that it should work before I take the chance of crashing it.

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Add the following inside your span, li or anchor tag. This causes the tablets to behave better and open the dropdown.

onClick="return true"

You can also look at bootstrap-dropdown.js on the Twitter Bootstrap website.

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Thanks for that tip but how can I add that into a wordpress site? It does not have any span, li, or anchor tags. I have updated my first post to show some code. –  aDroidman May 9 '13 at 3:54
Sure. Any time you want to customize the HTML generated by wp_menu(), you need to create a custom Walker class in your theme's functions.php. Here is a decent tutorial on extending the walker class. kriesi.at/archives/… –  magi182 May 10 '13 at 13:31

An extra-simple way to add this into your Wordpress site is to wrap the title in your Menu Editor, e.g. <span onclick="return true"> Page Title </span>

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