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I'm new to Vala, so this may be a stupid question.

According to #vala on gimpnet, it is not possible to recursively copy directories using Glib.File.copy. At the moment I am using:

Posix.system("cp -r absolutesource absolutedestination")

Is there a better method of doing this?

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As I told you in IRC, you can just write a function to do it yourself by calling GLib.File.copy for each file you want to copy. Here is a basic example:

public bool copy_recursive (GLib.File src, GLib.File dest, GLib.FileCopyFlags flags = GLib.FileCopyFlags.NONE, GLib.Cancellable? cancellable = null) throws GLib.Error {
  GLib.FileType src_type = src.query_file_type (GLib.FileQueryInfoFlags.NONE, cancellable);
  if ( src_type == GLib.FileType.DIRECTORY ) {
    dest.make_directory (cancellable);
    src.copy_attributes (dest, flags, cancellable);

    string src_path = src.get_path ();
    string dest_path = dest.get_path ();
    GLib.FileEnumerator enumerator = src.enumerate_children (GLib.FileAttribute.STANDARD_NAME, GLib.FileQueryInfoFlags.NONE, cancellable);
    for ( GLib.FileInfo? info = enumerator.next_file (cancellable) ; info != null ; info = enumerator.next_file (cancellable) ) {
      copy_recursive (
        GLib.File.new_for_path (GLib.Path.build_filename (src_path, info.get_name ())),
        GLib.File.new_for_path (GLib.Path.build_filename (dest_path, info.get_name ())),
  } else if ( src_type == GLib.FileType.REGULAR ) {
    src.copy (dest, flags, cancellable);

  return true;

Also, it's worth noting that you might want to use one of the functions in GLib.Process instead of Posix.system.

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