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Recently, Google Images redesigned their site so a large lightbox opens up when you click an image. You can press arrow keys to advance the photo. Does anyone know how it works?

I assume they have divs between the rows, but how do they determine where a row ends or where the next div to expand is? Do they recalculate everything using an onResize event?

I'm pretty new to jQuery so this might be obvious.

EDIT: I should note that for my project all the images are the same size, so I don't need a dynamic layout plugin.

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1 Answer

Google appear to use their own code but you should be able to achieve similar based on the following client-side software :

Please note, I said "based on". You still need to provide :

  • server-side code to serve data/HTML,
  • some way to /compose/insert/hide the "lightbox" (partly handled by Masonry),
  • some way to give the required arrow-key functionality
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Thanks! I should have mentioned all my images are the same size, so I don't need a Masonry-type plugin. –  Ben Gartner May 10 '13 at 4:06
@BenGartner well, that makes things a little bit easier :-) –  Jan Dvorak May 10 '13 at 4:12
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