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I successfully injected an object into my activity that takes the current activity's context in the constructor. I'm then trying to inject an object that relies on the objected i just injected. How do i make sure that i'm injecting the injected instance into the the second injected object?

My activity

class MainActivity extends RoboActivity{

    @Inject DataSource dataSource;
    @Inject Customer customer;

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {


The first injected object

class DataSource{

    private Context context;

    public DataSource(Context context){
        this.context = context;

This object relies on the previously injected object

class Customer{

    private DataSource datasource;

    public Customer(DataSource datasource){
        this.datasource = datasource;
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You should annotate DataSource class as a @ContextSingleton. RoboGuice will then inject the same instance in the scope of that context.

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