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I need to set up an AdHoc network in linux (Debain specifically) in a C/C++ program. It needs to be able to search for existing networks, or at least confirm that a network exists with a given SSID, connect to it, and be able to determine the number of jumps it takes to get to any given node.

I do have enough programming experience to write my own, but it would be a whole lot of work and this seems like a common enough task that there's bound to be one in existence already. I suppose it doesn't have to be c/c++ (I could run the program externally or create some sort of wrapper), but it would be very nice if it were all "one" language.

Thanks in advance!

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You could download an open source program that does the scanning + connection, like

and modify it to fit your needs,
or connect via existing command line tools, in a script

Regarding counting the number of hops, you can use the traceroute utility, in a script,

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