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I am writing a Linux bash function in ~/.bashrc to do something automatically for me


function cog102start
    DB2START=$(sudo -u db2inst1 /home/db2inst1/sqllib/adm/db2start)

    ________need something here_________

The output of DB2START would contain either

SQL1036N DB2START process was successful


SQL1026N The database manager is already active

How to test in if statement to decide what to do next?

I am trying to

if [ [ $DB2START =~ ^(SQL1036N|SQL1026N)$ ] ]; then dosomething; fi

Gives me a syntax error... I don't know what else to try here.

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The correct syntax is

if [[ $DB2START =~ ^(SQL1036N|SQL1026N)$ ]]; then dosomething; fi

The [[ and ]] are single tokens; no space is allowed in between.

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noticed that... –  Michael Mao May 9 '13 at 4:23
if [ [ $DB2START =~ ^(SQL1036N|SQL1026N)$ ] ]; then dosomething; fi
    ^                                      ^
     \                                    /
      --- no space here        or here ---
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