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In a deployment szenario, I need to rename config files. There are config files for every environment (Dev.Test, Dev.Prod, Integration, Prod). For example a web.config would be called web.Dev.Test.config if it was for the Dev.Test environment. On the target machine, I need to rename the files back to their original name (i.e. from web.Dev.Test.config to web.config) with Powershell.

$test = "web.Dev.Prod.config"
$environment = $test | Select-String -Pattern ".*\.(?<environment>(Dev.Test|Dev.Prod|Prod|Integration))\.config" | select -expand Matches | foreach {$_.groups["environment"].value} 
if ($test -match "Dev.Prod")
  $environment = "Dev.Prod"
$newFileName = $test.Remove($test.IndexOf($environment),$environment.Length + 1)

The problem I have with this is, that the Regex does not find the Dev.Prod evironment, but returns Prod instead. This is why I introduced the if statement. I was wondering if there was a more elegant way of renaming the files with Powershell.

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Watch out for greedy matching. Modify your regex that starts ".*\.(?" to ".*?\.(?".

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