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I am Using Qtip 2 For MVC Validations,as mentioned here

qtip works fine but i have a strange problem when i scrolls the page Qtips position remains still (suppose to be move as control moves.)

My Code in jquery.validate.unobtrusive.js

    function onError(error, inputElement) {  // 'this' is the form element       
    var container = $(this).find("[data-valmsg-for='" + inputElement[0].name + "']"),
    replace = $.parseJSON(container.attr("data-valmsg-replace")) !== false;

    // Remove the following line so the default validation messages are not displayed       
    // container.removeClass("field-validation-valid").addClass("field-validation-error");

    error.data("unobtrusiveContainer", container);

    if (replace) {
    else {

    /**** Added code to display the error message in a qTip tooltip ****/
    // Set positioning based on the elements position in the form
    var elem = $(inputElement),
        corners = ['top right', 'left bottom'],
        flipIt = elem.parents('span.right').length > 0;

    // Check we have a valid error message
    if (!error.is(':empty')) {
        // Apply the tooltip only if it isn't valid
            overwrite: false,
            content: error,
            position: {                    
                my: corners[flipIt ? 0 : 1],
                at: corners[flipIt ? 1 : 0],
                viewport: $(window)
            show: {
                event: false,
                ready: true
            hide: false,

            style: {
                classes: 'qtip-red' // Make it red... the classic error colour!

        // If we have a tooltip on this element already, just update its content
        .qtip('option', 'content.text', error);

        // If the error is empty, remove the qTip
    else { elem.qtip('destroy'); }

Version Details : Qtip 2 Jquery 1.9.1 mvc 4

I want to move the Qtip as my control moves in the page. Thanks in Advance.

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What worked really well for me is to specify position.container that let's qtip know what element the qtip should be appended to. This way, when you scroll, the qtip should scroll with it.

    content: {
        text: 'I am appended within a custom tooltips DIV'
    position: {
        container: $('div.tooltips')

Documentation can be found here : http://qtip2.com/options#position.container

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