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So I have been struggling for a couple days with this now, I am just starting to get the grips of PHP and would like to make a facebook request to get all my photo albums from my fan page. Basically I am looking to get:

  • Full Size Cover Photo
  • Title
  • Photo URLs

Here is my attempt, I know my coding is sloppy so you dont have to tell me haha. I am just wondering if anyone can offer me tips or a possible solution

                <div id="accordion-container"> 

                require_once $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/new/wp-content/themes/default-ink/libs/src/facebook.php';
                        $facebook = new Facebook(array(
                        'appId'  => 'XXXXXXXXXXXX',
                        'secret' => 'XXXXXXXXXXXX',

                //get token
                $access_token = $facebook->getAccessToken();

                //now get albums
                $albums = $facebook->api('/123456789012345/albums');

                foreach($albums['data'] as $album) {

  //This is the part I am struggling with - I want to get each albums full size cover photo url & title            
                       //echo $album['cover_photo'];

                       $bigcover = $facebook->api("/". $album['cover_photo'] ."picture");
                       //echo $bigcover['data']['url'];

                        echo "<div class='accordion-header ". $album['id'] ."' style='background-position:top center; background-image:url(". $bigcover['data']['url'] ."); width:780px;'><h2>" . $album['name'] . "</h2></div>";
                        echo "<div class='accordion-content ". $album['id'] ."'>";

//This part seems to be okay, for each album get its children photos. I have put them into a lightbox
                        $photos = $facebook->api("/". $album['id'] ."/photos?type=album&limit=20000");

                        foreach($photos['data'] as $photo)
                            echo "<a rel='lightbox[". $album['id'] ."]' href='". $photo['source'] ."'><img src='" . $scripts_url . "timthumb.php?src=". $photo['source'] . "&q=100&h=80&w=80' /></a>";

                            echo "<div class='float-divider'></div>";
                            echo "</div>";
                    if ($i==8) break;
                }; ?>


This will work with some minor glitches, but I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. This query also return the coverphotos and timeline photos, if those could be excluded that would be great!!!! Hopefully I have provided enough

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