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I want to dabble in the design of hardware and protocols, specifically for wireless mesh networking. Is there a software-based alternative to getting an FPGA setup and writing code for it? Are there any tools well-suited for coding/designing the protocol(s) for such a device?

Clarification: I'm looking for free and preferably open source tools. Of course! And I'd love to hear specific likes/dislikes.

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You, my friend, are looking for Verilog and one of it's many simulators.

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Maybe one should mentioned that Verilog (or VHDL) are very low level (but normaly the right way). If you want higher abstraction level a posibilities would be SystemC. – flolo Dec 4 '08 at 8:24

Unfortunately the tool I'm most familiar with (and used, years ago) is definitely neither free nor open source: OpNet Modeler. Its relatively expensive and definitely not an option to dabble with, but might provide fodder for Google searches for an alternative.

Other people I know used NS-2, which is a free and open source network modeling system. I have no direct experience using it, but I think it may meet your needs.

OpNet (and NS-2) are designed to model networks, with interactions between the various protocol layers. If you're going to dabble in distribution protocols for mesh networking, I think NS-2 is a good tool to use.

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GHDL is a free VHDL simulator which is an alternative to Verilog. Download the GTKWave waveform viewer for use with Verilog and VHDL simulators.

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