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We are trying to follow the "Caching in templates" example listed in and the compiler throws us an "not enough arguments for method getOrElse" exception message.

Our code in the template:

@play.cache.Cache.getOrElse("cached-content", 3600){

So we decided to dig the API and apparently we still short of java.util.concurrent.Callable parameter. Does anyone know what should we pass in for that parameter?


Play 2.1.1 Javadoc

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it's because you are trying to use a Java API from a Scala template with the syntaxe of the Scala cache API. If you want to use the example from the documentation you need to write something like :

@import play.api.Play.current
@play.api.cache.Cache.getOrElse("key", 3600) {
    <h1>Cached content</h1>

the play.api package is the package for Scala APIs.

If you want to use the Java Cache API from a template, this API takes 3 parameters and you need to write something like :

@play.cache.Cache.getOrElse("key", new java.util.concurrent.Callable[String] {
    def call: String = "Cached content again"
}, 3600)
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Hi Trevor, you are right. We have mixed up Scala with Java API. Thanks for helping us out :)) – luxcan May 13 '13 at 4:47

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