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I am using sqoop to import data from Mysql into Hbase. It works fine but there is one issue. As i read from Sqoop documentation , sqoop converts mysql data into String and then store it in Hbase. However this would be problem for me as i will have to export data back from Hbase to Mysql and at that time , how will sqoop deduce data type information for the Hbase data ? Someone please help for solution to this problem.

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Can someone please reply. –  vimal jain May 9 '13 at 16:27

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What you can do is - during export, just export it to a temporary table in MySql side. At that point the datatype will be different. Then write a query to insert them to the original MySql table from the temp table and during this time filter out unexpected data or convert datatype.

I faced pretty similar issue with timestamp datatype as in Hive I was storing it as bigint. During export I first inserted them as it is to make Sqoop export works. If its successful then I run a query that actually load those data from temp table to original table while converting the data at the same time. Hope it helps.

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Ok thanks tanzir .. –  vimal jain May 20 '13 at 16:16

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