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I am developing a browser app for Windows Phone 8. I want to detect the scroll position, so that I can show the address bar only when user is at top of the page. I also want to restore the current scroll position after a page refresh.

I cannot inject javascript into the page because obviously the content is from all over the web.

So far I am able to determine if user is scrolling up or down based on this idea.

If I can inject javascript, I probably could use InvokeScript and detect if page scroll is at the very top

window.onscroll = function(ev)
    var B= document.body; //IE 'quirks'
    var D= document.documentElement; //IE with doctype
    D= (D.clientHeight)? D: B;

if (D.scrollTop == 0)


So I wonder if anyone has any suggestion to achieve this. Thanks.


Is it possible to use IFRAME and place my javascript there while the external websites are loaded inside the IFRAME?

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