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I have a Qt based program with Qxt library. Previously I used the default Qt .pro file to configure the header and library directories, and everything is OK. Now I want to immigrate the thing to build with Cmake, it seems OK to include line by line in the Cmake file. But I saw this:


Qxt is not built with Cmake as a perquisite. I was wondering how to use this file to find the Qxt like Cmake find qt as a package?


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In the top level of your directory tree for your project, add a cmake folder with a Modules subfolder:

    |   |-Modules/

Put the QxtConfig.cmake file in cmake/Modules/. In your CMakeLists.txt, add the following lines:


This will run the code in the QxtConfig.cmake file.

Note that if the file were called FindQxt.cmake, you could call FIND_PACKAGE(Qtx) instead of INCLUDE(${CMAKE_MODULE_PATH}/QxtConfig.cmake).


Of course, you don't need to do the whole cmake/Modules/ thing. You could just put the QxtConfig.cmake file next to CMakeLists.txt and omit everything about CMAKE_MODULE_PATH, but it's good practice to have a Modules directory because the number of extra module files can grow in a big project.

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OK, I'll try... –  colddie May 10 '13 at 7:14

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