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I want to duplicate my production SQL database to QA database. Both are in different servers. Also, I have to be vigilant about few things like inserting a dummy job can set the jobs to take off. Few jobs/batch are defined in database. So, I need suggestions/tips/hints about things to be taken care.. Also please suggest me steps...

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Do you have a specific question too? –  Endoro May 9 '13 at 6:42
@Endoro: My concern is that no QA jobs “come to life” and start running… the jobs or the scheduled tasks need to be disabled when I duplicate it.. –  Sanjay Surendra May 9 '13 at 6:52
SQL Server Agent jobs are stored at the server level (in the msdb database), not at database level. Restoring a backup of a user database to another server won't copy any jobs - or are you talking about some other job scheduling system? –  Ed Harper May 9 '13 at 7:39
Yes its some other job scheduling system... –  Sanjay Surendra May 9 '13 at 8:45
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