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Is there any way a driver can check if a given virtual address is mapped and can be dereferences?


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I assume you are having trouble executing some system calls that are expecting userspace addresses. We don't really need to check if a address is valid in this case -- in fact, we need to do the opposite: prevent the failure mechanism from engaging.

From Kernel System Calls by Alessandro Rubini

Like any other function that transfers data to/from user space using a user-provided pointer, the system call checks whether the provided buffer is a valid address or not. During normal operation, an address that lies in the user address range (0-3GB for standard kernel configuration) is considered valid, and an address that lies in kernel address space (3GB-4GB) is not.

You can use the macros get_ds, get_fs, and set_fs together to define the highest virtual address that is to be considered valid, thus allowing you to pass kernelspace addresses to system calls.

mm_segment_t fs = get_fs();        /* save previous value */

set_fs (get_ds());                 /* use kernel limit */

/* system calls can be invoked */

set_fs(fs);                        /* restore before returning to user space */
  1. First we save the current configuration using the get_fs macro.
  2. Next we use the set_fs macro to set a new upper limit.
    • The get_ds macro provides the maximum possible virtual address for the kernel.
  3. All kernel addresses are now valid.
    • This configuration lasts until the next set_fs.
    • Invoke as many system calls as your heart desires without fear of failure from the usual userspace address checks.
  4. Finally we use set_fs macro to return the limit to the previous configuration.

Important: Make sure to return the limit to the previous configuration (where only userspace addresses are valid); otherwise, an invalid pointer passed from userspace could cause havoc in your driver!

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thanks for the informative answer. I've found the function __virt_addr_valid which tells me if the page that the address lies within is mapped. –  user2158345 May 9 '13 at 20:25

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