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Say the following HTML is part of a webpage -

<div id='container'>
    <div class='inner'>
        <p id='text_a'>Some text</p>
        <p id='text_b'>Some more text</p>

Say I save this HTML into a string and send it to a server. Is it possible then to interact with this HTML on the server using a DOM? So that I can do something like .getElementById('text_a').value to retrieve 'Some text'? And following on, would it be possible to use jQuery to interact with the HTML?

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Check out cheerio. From the readme:

var cheerio = require('cheerio'),
    $ = cheerio.load('<h2 class="title">Hello world</h2>');

$('h2.title').text('Hello there!');

//=> <h2 class="title welcome">Hello there!</h2>

There's also jsdom, but cheerio is simpler and comes with jquery-like goodness.

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The DOMDocument class

3rd party

PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser Manual

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