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I have a dashboard project with many user controls. This week I've created an application which is more than just a user control and integrating it into my dashboard application seemed like a pain. So I searched for solutions and found MEF and PRISM. MEF seemed a bit easier than PRISM and I started to do a Hello World MEF app with this tutorial. It went well and I injected a Hello World xap successfully.

After that I tried to inject my real application and encountered some problems. I want to point out problems that I solved because I might solved them in a wrong way or they may be the reason of my current problem.

Note: My application uses a Silverlight enabled WCF Web Service to retrieve data.

First Problem

ServiceReferences.ClientConfig was not found in xap package. I added this file as link to my MEF project client side. Problem solved.

Second Problem

I am using a Settings.xml on my client side which holds the endpoints like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <Service Name="MyService">
    <HostPath Name="/ClientBin/MyComponent.xap">
      <Endpoint Url="/MyService.svc"></Endpoint>
    <HostPath Name="MyComponent.Web/ClientBin/MyComponent.xap">
      <Endpoint Url="MyComponent.Web/MyService.svc"></Endpoint>

and read this to get WCF Web Service service client with my 2 functions which are:

public MyServiceClient GetMyServiceClient()
        if (serviceClient == null)
            serviceClient = new MyServiceClient();
            Uri uriEndpointAddress = serviceClient.Endpoint.Address.Uri;
            UriBuilder ub = new UriBuilder(uriEndpointAddress)
                Host = Application.Current.Host.Source.Host,
                Path =
            serviceClient.Endpoint.Address = new System.ServiceModel.EndpointAddress(ub.Uri);
        return serviceClient;

private string GetURLForService(string ServiceName, string HostURL)
        string retval = "";
        XDocument doc = XDocument.Load("Settings.xml");
        if (doc.Root != null)
            XElement elmService = doc.Root.Elements("Service").FirstOrDefault(c =>
                XAttribute xAttribute = c.Attribute("Name");
                return xAttribute != null && xAttribute.Value.ToLower() == ServiceName.ToLower();
            if (elmService != null)
                XElement elmHostPath = elmService.Elements("HostPath").FirstOrDefault(c =>
                    XAttribute xAttribute = c.Attribute("Name");
                    return xAttribute != null && xAttribute.Value.ToLower() == HostURL.ToLower();
                if (elmHostPath != null)
                    retval = elmHostPath.Element("Endpoint").Attribute("Url").Value;

        return retval;

I've added my Settings.xml file as link also and problem solved.

Main Problem

After solving these two problems, I've encountered main problem. The remote server returned an error: NotFound.

I even tried this in my Settings.xml:

<HostPath Name="/MEFHubApp/ClientBin/MyComponent.xap">
  <Endpoint Url="/MyComponent.Web/MyService.svc"></Endpoint>

My MEF app can't find/use my web service no matter what I try.


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Fire up Dev Tools in IE9+ (F12) and start capturing network traffic. See what requests are being sent. If the requests are constructed incorrectly - then it's the client issue - start debugging the client. If the requests look correct - then it's a server issue - start debugging the server. "NotFound" is returned under many different circumstances and you'll need to narrow this down. –  boris May 9 '13 at 15:18

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I found the solution for my problem. So here it is if anyone encounters the same:

Instead of my GetMyServiceClient() from settings.xml. I initialized my service client like this:

MyServiceClient client = new MyServiceClient("MyService_CustomBinding");

Parameter is my binding in the ServiceReferences.ClientConfig and voila it worked like a charm!

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