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package main

import (

type A struct {
    D *int

func main() {
    a := &A{}
    v := reflect.ValueOf(a)
    e := v.Elem()
    f := e.Field(0)
    z := reflect.Zero(f.Type().Elem())

panic: reflect.Set: value of type int is not assignable to type *int

how to set the *D to default value use reflect

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D is a pointer, which starts out nil. It doesn't point anywhere, so it doesn't make sense to "set the *D" – newacct May 10 '13 at 10:27

You need to have a pointer value (*int), but the reflect documentation states for func Zero(typ Type) Value that:

The returned value is neither addressable nor settable.

In your case you can instead use New:

z := reflect.New(f.Type().Elem())
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try this

var i int
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