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I have a gridview column of type text.

<sjg:gridColumn id="vName" name="variableName" index="variableName" title="Variable_Name" sortable="true" editable="true" edittype="text"/>

I want to append a string "C:\" to the dynamic textbox contents. How do I do it? I tried using this Script but it is not Working

var myString="C:\";
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Could you please post code you tried and doesn't work? – Viktor La Croix May 9 '13 at 7:21
Can you post your HTML code.I mean code which is generated after running the application. – Neeraj Dubey May 9 '13 at 7:59

You could simply setup a custom format function:

Inside the colModel of the column

   formatter: CustomFormatFunction, unformat: CustomUnFormatFunction},

Custom Format Functions:

function CustomFormatFunction(cellval, opts, rowObject, action) {
   return "c:\" + cellval;

function CustomUnFormatFunction(cellval, opts, rowObject, action) {
   return cellval; //or manipulate the string to remove the "c:\"
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