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I'm trying to deploy jax-rs client application that use jersey on was 8.5.
I was hoping I won't need to pack jersey jars inside my war, because was will provide them.
But I'm getting this error when trying to invoke my servlet:

Error 404: javax.servlet.UnavailableException: SRVE0203E: Servlet [HelloJAXRSClient]: example.HelloJAXRSClient was found, but is missing another required class. SRVE0206E: This error typically implies that the servlet was originally compiled with classes which cannot be located by the server. SRVE0187E: Check your class path to ensure that all classes required by the servlet are present.SRVE0210I: This problem can be debugged by recompiling the servlet using only the classes in the application's runtime

Is there something I can do to use was libraries so I won't need to pack them inside my applicaiton?

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WebSphere 8.5 includes a JAX-RS implementation, but it's based on Apache Wink, not Jersey. So if you want to use what is already provided, I think you'll need to create a Wink client instead of a Jersey one.

Or, you can disable the WAS JAX-RS implementation which I'd guess will allow you to use Jersey instead, either deployed in your application or as a shared library as zargarf suggests.

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You can create a shared library in the was admin console which point to a directory on the server. Then put your jar files in that directory. Associate the deployed application with the shared library. See:

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