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I'm interested how I can migrate JSF application to JavaFX 2.0 Application? I want to preserve the managed beans where I have integrated the business logic. Can I somehow use the managed beans as backed and use JavaFX for presentation layer?

What are the options?

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Read the JavaFX in Front of JavaServer Faces: CaptainCasa article an CaptainCasa - it seems applicable to your situation. –  jewelsea May 9 '13 at 8:47

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  1. Use CaptainCasa, which is a framework for taking JSF pages and rendering them in a JavaFX client.
  2. Do as Alexander recommends and rewrite a lot of your app to switch the view, control and navigation management to JavaFX.
  3. Host the existing JSF application in a WebView, incrementally enhancing and migrating parts of it to pure JavaFX on an as required/time permits basis.

I'm not a JSF expert, nor do I know your application, so I can't really recommend what might be the best approach for you. Definitely option 3 is the easiest.

Read JavaFX in Front of JavaServer Faces: CaptainCasa for more information on CaptainCasa.

WebView is not a full browser engine only an HTML viewer, so if you need a bit more functionality, you could adapt something like Willow or WebFX to handle some of the page navigation aspects that a browser normally would do.

I assume you want to keep the managed beans running on a server rather than integrate them into your client, in which case you are going to need to develop a communication layer to communicate between the clients and the server. You could use REST for this as demonstrated in the Henley data sales sample app, though it may be easier to use something like the Hessian system outlined in this blog.

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I've found another option to evaluate the trouble - try to lookup in google the next request:

"JSF site:fxexperience.com"

fxexperience.com - site-blog, which supported by JavaFX developers, and except other posts, they weekly provide link batches on different interesting resources.

For instance, I've found such link : http://www.jsfcentral.com/articles/jsf_and_javafx.html

I expect, if decision exists, it could be found there.

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