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Hello I have the following struts form:

<s:form key="frmInfo" action="insertInfo" onsubmit="return validate();">

And in this form I have the following:

<s:textfield key="" label="Name" value=""/>

What do I put in my javascript function validate to check if something is entered for the textfield? Should i be passing a parameter in?

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I'd recommend using an ID in your textfield element.

In your JavaScript you'd get that element by ID, check it for a value, and return false if the field value doesn't meet your expectations.

Note that S2 supports some JavaScript validation based on the default S2 validation mechanisms, although not all the server-side validations are supported on the client side, and more complex business-logic validations aren't supported either.

Also, while this is certainly possible (and easy) to do with "raw" JavaScript, I'd recommend using any of a zillion JS libraries to make things much cleaner and easier.

It wouldn't make much sense to pass a parameter to validate.

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