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If I write MIT code and publish it on Github, am I allowed to have a library directory containing .jar libraries licensed under Apache 2.0 and/or Modified BSD?

As far as I understand, I can't relicense Apache 2.0 under Modified BSD or MIT, and Modified BSD can't be relicensed under MIT. But is it possible to have MIT code that utilize Modified BSD and/or Apache 2.0 code? If it's possible, should I then clarify in the README that some parts of the project aren't licensed under MIT?

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You can redistribute those libraries as long as you attribute the authors in the README and include the license text files in the source code. If you intend to distribute modified source code of these libraries, then you can't distribute them.

I would recommend switching to the Apache License and then all you have to do is attribute both developers and include the license/copyright files for each, even if you modify the source. The only difference between the MIT and the Apache License is that people redistributing your program have to attribute you and that it includes sections to prevent people from doing bad stuff with patents.

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If I license a project under MIT and have a library under Apache, am I allowed to modify and redistribute the library as long as I don't change its license? –  Daniel Jonsson May 20 '13 at 5:54
@DanielJonsson - Yes, though you must attribute them with a link in the README and include their license text files, like I said above. Same with the BSD. I was only suggesting switching to the Apache License. –  Nathan2055 May 20 '13 at 16:41

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