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Is there a library/software which can accept a number of keypoints and matches of them between images and produce a morph? Or any ideas/algorithms on how to do it?

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Are you looking for answers that are related to one specific programming language, or is this question intended to be language-agnostic? –  Anderson Green Feb 26 '13 at 0:01

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Xmorph and GTK morph can do that -- although the key points must be parts of equivalent rectangle grids. The underlying algorithm can be accessed through a C API.

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An older piece of software by Gryphon Software could do image morphing. I saw an article about it from 1994. I couldn't find a company site, so they may be abandon ware now.

Her is a quote from a Wikipedia article about a film editing technique called Dissolve.

In non-linear video editing, a dissolve is done in software, by interpolating gradually between the RGB values of each pixel of the image.

Hope that helps.

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