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My program is supposed to display images and fit the size of the window to the image being displayed. However, if the image is larger than the screen, the window shouldn't grow larger than the screen, and scrollbars should appear.

The program worked fine until I put a ScrolledWindow around the Image which displays the images. Using a ScrolledWindow, I haven't managed to properly resize the window so it fits the image's size.

If I don't take any measures to resize the window or any widgets, the ScrolledWindow becomes tiny, I'd guess around 50 by 50 pixels.

If I resize the ScrolledWindow to the image size:

scrolledWindow.set_size_request(pixbuf.get_width(), pixbuf.get_height())

, the scrolledWindow is slightly too small, because (I think this is the reason, anyway) the scrollbars aren't accounted for.

I also tried to put the scrolledWindow or the Image inside a VBox with expand=True and fill=True, but that didn't work, either.

Is there a proper way to fix this? Without guessing how large the scrollbars are and manually adjusting the ScrolledWindow's size or hacks like that?

(PS: I'm afraid Gtk3 isn't an option, since the program is multithreaded.)

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Did you ever read eog's source code? It has "zoom-in", "zoom-out", "best-fit", "normal-size" buttons in toolbar. Please check out how does it work.

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