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We are enhancing an Android app to have advanced SEARCH features.

The app uses Couchbase-mobile (version 2.0.0) as a an Android service...

I have these questions with implementation:

  1. How simple it is to integrate something like [CouchDB-Lucene][1].
  2. I guess we will have to trigger the couchdb-lucene java process on the Android device (as a service), but not sure if configuring the local Couchbase's .ini file is the only thing needed.
  3. Is CouchDb-Lucene okay for Android or too heavy?

Would be great if anyone could provide some pointers.

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Looks like someone got started here:

I should note that this version of the Android syncronizing database is old. We are working on a new lighter version of it, check out the Couchbase mobile mailing list to get the latest info:!forum/mobile-couchbase

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Thanks for that piece of info. Hope we get to see some clarity in the many variants of CouchDB floating around soon! – fritz May 10 '13 at 15:03

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