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I have a project that have a Container class and an iterator class. In the code, the container looks like:

#pragma once
#ifndef size_type
#define size_type unsigned int
#include "Iterator.h"
#include "SimpleContainerReverseIterator.h"
#include "SimpleContainerIterator.h"
// Interface
/// class Container -
 template <typename T>
 class Container {
  // Operations
   virtual ~Container ();
   virtual  Iterator<T>* createIterator () = 0;
   virtual  Iterator<T>* createReverseIterator () = 0;
   virtual T at (size_type element) = 0;

SimpleContainerIterator and SimpleContainerReverseIterators are inherited classes of iterator (which is an abstract class). In the code of SimpleContainerIterator we have:

#pragma once
#include "Iterator.h"

/// class SimpleContainerIterator -
template <typename T>
class SimpleContainerIterator : public Iterator<T> {
  // Attributes
  Container<T>* d_container;
  int d_current;
  // Operations
friend class SimpleContainer<T>;
  SimpleContainerIterator ();
  ~SimpleContainerIterator ();

In the main of the project I wrote:

template<typename T> class Container;
template<typename T> class Iterator;
template<typename T> class SimpleContainer;
template<typename T> class SimpleContainerIterator;
template<typename T> class SimpleContainerReverseIterator;

#include "SimpleContainer.h"
#include "SimpleContainerReverseIterator.h"
#include "SimpleContainerIterator.h"

int main() {

note that SimpleContainer is the concrete class of the abstract Container.

With this configuration everything works perfectly. The problem comes when I made a CppUnit test for this SimpleContainer.

Using the CppUnit compiler, it seems like the includes are not recursive because if I add in the test class the directive #include"SimpleContainer.h"

the compiler throws me an error saying that in the class SimpleContainerIterator appear an undefined Container and SimpleContainer. In other cases I solved that including the headers in the files that need them but in this case it is not possible because in the class container is included the "SimpleContainerReverseIterator.h"and in this file should be included the "Container.h". Adding it and deleting the #pragma once directive, the compiler throws me a "redefinition of class" error and if I don't add it, the compiler throws me the undefined error.

Any suggestion for that problem with CppUnit??

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Why do you define size_type using a macro? You should rather use a typedef or size_t. –  olevegard May 9 '13 at 8:44
That classes are not mine, so I am just using it nor editing, but thank you I appreciate your help :D @olevegard –  LizyCV May 9 '13 at 8:47
What do you mean with cppunit compiler? Cppunit is a unit testing framework and I canÄt see any references to it in your source code. –  moggi May 11 '13 at 19:54
@moggi I compile it using NetBeans plugging. –  LizyCV May 13 '13 at 14:06

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