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I am plotting a graph in XPages using QJplot. It was working fine before until I copied the entire process ie, buttons that extract data, buttons that plot data etc. Now for some reason I keep getting an error that says "An error has occurred while updating some of the page. $ is not a function." When I do a preview in the browser and look on the error console it highlights this "$(document).ready(function(){"

In the working version the code below is identical, the only difference is the values are extracted from a different view.

`<xp:scriptBlock id="scriptBlock" rendered="true">
      var line1 = #{javascript:return compositeData.Temp};
      var line2 = #{javascript:return compositeData.MaxTemp};
      var line3 = #{javascript:return compositeData.MinTemp};
      var ticks1 = #{javascript:return compositeData.Time};

      var plot1 = $.jqplot('chart3', [line1,line2,line3], {
        title: '#{javascript: return compositeData.title}',
        animate:#{javascript:return compositeData.animated},
          seriesDefaults: {
              renderer: $.jqplot.LineRenderer,
              rendererOptions:{lineMargin: 25},
              pointLabels:{show:true, stackedValue: true}
              {label:'#{javascript:return compositeData.legendTemp}'},
              {label:'#{javascript:return compositeData.legendMaxTemp}'},
              {label:'#{javascript:return compositeData.legendMinTemp}'},

          legend: {
              show: #{javascript:return compositeData.legendShow},
              placement: '#{javascript:return compositeData.legendPlacement}'
          axes: {
              label: "Time (min)",
              pad: 0,
                ticks: ticks1
              label: "Temperature (Deg. C)"

The code which extracts values from the view is working too. The button that doesn't work is the one that is supposed to plot the graph.

<xp:button value="Replot Chart" id="refresh_code_plot"> <xp:eventHandler event="onclick" submit="true" refreshMode="partial" refreshId="code_plot"> </xp:eventHandler> </xp:button>

code_plot is the custom control which contains scriptBlock. It is linked to the XPages via this code

<xc:code_plot id="code_plot" legendMaxTemp="Upper Threshold" legendMinTemp="Lower Threshold" legendTemp="Data" title="Logger Data (Temperature)" cssStyle="width:900px;"> <xc:this.animated><![CDATA[#{javascript:getComponent("animated").getValue();}]]></xc:this.animated> <xc:this.Temp><![CDATA[#{javascript:getComponent("extracted_Temp").getValue();}]]></xc:this.Temp> <xc:this.MaxTemp><![CDATA[#{javascript:getComponent("extracted_MaxTemp").getValue();}]]></xc:this.MaxTemp> <xc:this.MinTemp><![CDATA[#{javascript:getComponent("extracted_MinTemp").getValue();}]]></xc:this.MinTemp> <xc:this.legendShow><![CDATA[#{javascript:"true";}]]></xc:this.legendShow> <xc:this.stackedSeries><![CDATA[#{javascript:getComponent("stackSeries").getValue();}]]></xc:this.stackedSeries> <xc:this.ticks><![CDATA[#{javascript:getComponent("extracted_Time").getValue();}]]></xc:this.ticks> <xc:this.Time><![CDATA[#{javascript:getComponent("extracted_Time").getValue();}]]></xc:this.Time> <xc:this.legendPlacement><![CDATA[#{javascript:getComponent("extracted_Time").getValue()}]]></xc:this.legendPlacement> </xc:code_plot>

Are there any obvious bugs in this?

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Seems you are indeed missing your jquery link. Also simplify:


{label:'#{javascript:return compositeData.legendTemp}'}


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Are you including jQuery on the main page? it doesn't recognize its namespace.

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The <xc:code_plot ....... ></xc:code_plot> and the button are on the main page, just like in the working example. Unless there is another way to include it? The plugins are also on the main page. –  user2185796 May 9 '13 at 14:08

I fixed this bug. Because I am using different custom controls I didn't define one or two variables in the custom properties and this is why the button which is responsible for plotting the graph wasn't working. One of the other problems I had was in the extracted_Data ids. It is case sensitive and when I was transferring the buttons etc.. the case of some of the ids changed.

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