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Backbone view event block binds perfect and awesome until you call a boot strap method on an element. Let's say you have this in your view:

events: { 'click .menu li.edit': '_doSomething' }

Then later on you have a bootstrap thing:

$('.menu', this.$el).dropdown('toggle');

There is a line in bootstrap.js:

var $el = $(element).on('click.dropdown.data-api', this.toggle)

...which kills the backbone bound events.

How are people handling this? I would prefer to keep doing things "the backbone way". I would hate to handle somethings in the app "the bootstap way" and others "the backbone way". I like consistency.


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can you provide a complete JSFiddle or JSBin that reproduces the problem? I've used Backbone and Bootstrap together dozens of times and have never had this problem. –  Derick Bailey May 17 '13 at 13:17

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