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I have some issues regarding scope in nested directives. I have two directives: column and nested-menu. Their structure can be something like:

  • column
    • nested-menu
    • nested-menu
      • nested-menu
      • other content
    • nested-menu
    • other content
  • column
    • other content

The column has a variable to which all the nested-menu's should react. I have tried to make this work in several ways that I found Googling, such as broadcasting events from the column directive (for some reason, the nested-menu's only saw the event when I broadcasted it from $rootScope), setting a directive controller in column and storing the variable there (I can read it, but I can't $watch it).

It's important that both directives have an isolated scope, as they're supposed to be reusable in several areas, and sometimes even nested in themselves.

I have made a simplified Plnkr of a base structure, that's not working. http://plnkr.co/edit/1GP7SKacO777og8PysNF

Thank you!

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I am not sure how you want this to behave exactly. But here is a plunker that solves the two directives interacting with each other.

The nested-menu only expects column in its parent currently, But you could change it to expect another nested-menu in its parent if you wish.

Here is the working plunker. Hope this helps.


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Hi Ganaraj. This is very close to what I want, thanks a lot. I want it to behave this way because the nested-menu's behaviour depends on the column's state. However, I also need to listen to the value in the nested-menu directive (not only in the view). Do you have any idea on how to achieve that? –  ricardogo May 10 '13 at 1:18
Ha, I managed to $watch the controller function: plnkr.co/edit/9nIhoObRLbkSyiwKCQri I'm accepting your answer. I made a simple test case in that plnkr, where a function works, but a simple variable doesn't. Do you know why? –  ricardogo May 10 '13 at 1:44

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