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I'm developing a little* android app and have 9 buttons and 9 images, each named button_# and img#.png My question is simple, is their a way that I can take an int whose value is between 1 and 9 and reference those objects without having 9 different ifs or a switch. I mean something like being able to do this


to set button's image to img4. Of course this doesn't work; I'm looking for some way of concatenating myint onto 'img' (so a string, I guess) and having that be usable to follow R.drawable.

*Just a Univ project, not terribly important but just using a bunch of switches doesn't look good, and moreover I personally doesn't like it.

Edit: Alternately, is there a way to make the images (referencable as in) an array? That's the effect I'm trying to get here anyway because I don't know of a way to use an array here, which would be easier if possible.

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you can use getIdentifier to get the id of drawable in this way:

int drawableId = getResources().getIdentifier("resourceName", "drawable", getPackageName());
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