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I need to frequently check definitions of variables/functions. I can jump to definitions of variables/functions by ctags with gd,gD, ctrl ] etc.

But by it, I jump from my current position and lose context of current position. Is there any way I can check definitions in tool tips like we see in ctrl p ctrl n in insert mode. It would really help in quickly understand and browsing code.


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gd gD and Ctrl-] all of them modify the jump list. So you can go back to your previous position with C-o or use gi to go back to last edit position and start insert mode –  rbernabe May 9 '13 at 12:09

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Supposing you already have an up-to-date and reachable tags file, you can see the definition of the variable or method under your cursor in a preview window with:


See :h preview-window.

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