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I have an excel file contains Attachment column, which has another excel object embedded into it.

I need to read that embedded excel file and process its data.

So far i used Excel Reader to read the normal excel file and retrieve as DataSet.

FileStream stream = File.Open(filePath, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);

//Reading from a binary Excel file ('97-2003 format; *.xls)
IExcelDataReader excelReader = ExcelReaderFactory.CreateBinaryReader(stream);

// Reading from a OpenXml Excel file (2007 format; *.xlsx)
IExcelDataReader excelReader = ExcelReaderFactory.CreateOpenXmlReader(stream);

DataSet result = excelReader.AsDataSet();

excelReader.IsFirstRowAsColumnNames = true;
DataSet result = excelReader.AsDataSet();

while (excelReader.Read())


enter image description here

Now i want to read the embedded object(excel file)

Is there any dll/component/code which will help us to read embedded object inside excel file?

Note: I dont have a Microsoft Office Package installed in server. So i dont want to use Microsoft.Interoperability package

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Do you have a sample file like this posted somewhere? – Simon Mourier May 9 '13 at 10:18
@SimonMourier I added that for you. Please see the file from here… – Murali Murugesan May 9 '13 at 11:45
This 'Excel Reader' tool just doesn't support this type of data. I have tried EPPlus ( and it doesn't work either. You'd have to modify the source of Excel Reader to handle this. Technically, the files are present in the XLSX, if you rename it as a .ZIP file and open it, you will see they are located in the xl\embeddings path. – Simon Mourier May 9 '13 at 14:38
@SimonMourier, Thanks a lot. Do we have any other simple way to read this xl\embeddings using some FileStream and then take the contained file and read use of ExcelReader – Murali Murugesan May 10 '13 at 6:19
The best you can do right now is open the file using any .ZIP library that suits you, and extract the file as entries in the .ZIP. – Simon Mourier May 10 '13 at 7:21

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