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I am having some trouble getting my auto indexing to work.

While the neo4j service was stopped I changed the neo4j.properties file and set: #node_auto_indexing=true

Then typed my indexing keys like so: #node_keys_indexable=Name,Type,GUID,CurrentVersion,DateTimeCreated,CurrentVersionDateTimeCreated,VersionCount,CustomerName,DocumentReferece,Version.

I then started the service again and did the following: neo4j-sh (0)$ index --create node_auto_index -t Node

I then created some nodes and ran the following query:

neo4j-sh (0)$ start n = node:node_auto_index(Name = "Quote") return n;

The results were:

==> +---+
==> | n |
==> +---+
==> +---+
==> 0 row
==> 237 ms 

I am using neo4j-advanced-2.0.0-M02 with the Neo4jClient for .NET and C#. Is there anything that I am doing wrong here or are there perhaps any other configuration steps that I am missing.

I have tried the following: 1, 2

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Do you really have # in front of your config file lines still?--because if so, they're commented out. You shouldn't need to manually create an autoindex.

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i sure sound like a noob now! –  Mike Barnes May 9 '13 at 13:22
happens to the best of us ;) –  Wes Freeman May 9 '13 at 17:32

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