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I'm looking for some library for some 2D and 3D linear geometry operation (intersection between 2D lines, between 3D lines and plane, stuffs like that) and I ran into Eigen that seems cool-and-fast, scalable, easy to include, multiplatform, etc..

I am used to think about 2/3D geometry in vectors with x,y,z property and with Eigen datatypes I don't find them:

#include "Eigen/Core"


Eigen::Vector2d p1;
double x = p1[0];
double y = p1[1];

For my personal convenience I would like to subclass Vector2d adding some comfortable methods like

Vec2D::x() { return this[0]; }
Vec2D::set(double x, double y) { this[0]=x; this[1]=y; }

Or similar methods. I am not a c++ experienced programmer so I'm asking if this is the right way, and how to handle templates..

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Have you checked out boost.geometry? It's a great library for geometrical computations! If you need 3D stuff, try CGAL as well. – tmaric May 9 '13 at 10:56
yeah I've seen but Eigen seems more easy to intall in multiplatform and lighter – nkint May 9 '13 at 11:11
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Vector2d in Eigen already has these methods:

const T& x();
T& x();
const T& y();
T& y();

All exist for Vector2d. Since they return references, you can use this for setting values as well:

Eigen::Vector2d v2d;
v2d.x() = 1; 
v2d.y() = 2;

See the Eigen documentation here.

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ohu, why aren't they in the QTCreator method summary advice? – nkint May 12 '13 at 9:17

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