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I am studing a book about Hibernate. The book is about Hibernate 3 but I would like to use hibernate 4.x.

There are some libraries in Hibernate 3 that I can't find in Hibernate 4 (for example antlr.jar)

I'd like to read about the changes between these versions of Hibernate. Does anyone know where can I find the changelog?

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Seems like all required libraries are in lib/required in the zip bundle of Hibernate. Take a look at Hibernate 4.1.9 : Which jar files do I need?.

Screenshot showing the libraries inside the Hibernate bundle

If you're using Maven, all dependencies should be downloaded and handled automatically.

As for Hibernate 4's changelog, here's the answer What's new in Hibernate 4?.

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you can find all change logs from changlog.txt within hibernate-distribution,

or the hibernate developer's blog

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