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The following -

$total-columns: 12;
$column-width: 60px;
$gutter-width: 20px;
$grid-padding: 10px;
$container-style: static;
.centre { @include container; }

Produces this css -

width: 1020px;
padding-left: 10px;
padding-right: 10px;
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;

Even though all the columns within that container are worked out correctly. So

#logo { @include span-columns( 5, 12 ); }

correctly produces an element of width 380px and a margin of 20px to the right.

nav { @include span-columns( 7 omega, 12 ); }

then correctly creates an element of 540px and places it to the right of #logo with no margin. However, the parent #centre container for these elements is 1020px wide instead of 940px wide.

Can anybody shed any light on why this may be?

Thanks in advance.



$container-width: 1140px;

correctly produces

width: 1120px;

however, adding

$container-width: 960px;

has the effect of causing compass to cease watching files. It shows me 'change detected...' but then fails to the 'overwrite...' command. I have to cancel compass and run compass watch again after removing the

$container-width: 960px;

Very odd!

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What version of Susy, and what other settings do you have? I can't recreate this. I get 940px by default (which is right for box-sizing: content-box;), and 960px if I use border-box-sizing. I can't reproduce the failing-to-compile bug either. – Miriam Suzanne May 10 '13 at 15:39

I get the same issue when trying to recreate a classic 960gs 16 column grid:

$total-columns: 16;
$column-width: 40px;
$gutter-width: 20px;
$grid-padding: 10px;

Produces a container that is 940px wide, not 960px wide.

susy v1.0.5

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