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I am trying to instal virtualenv and/or virtualenvwrapper on a mac osx 10.8.3

I have been fighting with python for the last two days. Finally I was able to install python 2.7.4 using brew. Before I had virtualenv installed using easy_install. Then I tried to uninstall it, trying to get my computer in the same situation as the one of my colleagues. Maybe I uninstalled it with success, maybe not. I don't know how to test it. Now I am supposed to install virtualenv using -

pip install virtualenv

But it gives me -

Could not find an activated virtualenv (required).

pip install virtualenvwrapper gives exactly the same output.

Also the variable: PIP_RESPECT_VIRTUALENV is null:


How can I solve this issue?


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Which version of pip and python? –  Bibhas May 9 '13 at 11:14
python is 2.7.4. And the pip is the one inside it. Thanks for asking. –  Pietro Speroni May 9 '13 at 11:20

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Open your ~/.bashrc file and see if this line is there -


It might be causing the trouble. If it's there, change it to false and run -

source ~/.bashrc

If not, run export PIP_REQUIRE_VIRTUALENV=false from terminal.

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Indeed the line export PIP_RESPECT_VIRTUALENV=true was there. So I commented it. Then source run the file again, but it would still not work. So I opened a new terminal, and now it worked. Thank you VERY much. –  Pietro Speroni May 9 '13 at 11:26
Yea, it has to be set to false for me. –  calebB Mar 24 at 19:55

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