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I'm looking for a method to communicate with a chess engine with uci protocol using matlab. The chess engine is rybka and its an exe file. When I run the rybka.exe, I can communicate via dos command prompt but I want do that via matlab. I think I have to use streampipe and stdin and stdout but I don't know how use it.

I found this code in Python and it works fine but I'm looking for a matlab version:

import subprocess, time

engine = subprocess.Popen(

def put(command):

def get():
    # using the 'isready' command (engine has to answer 'readyok')
    # to indicate current last line of stdout
    while True:
        text = engine.stdout.readline().strip()
        if text == 'readyok':
        if text !='':
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If it's just a case of using the exe file and capturing the output you can use the system command to capture the output. For example I can run the system's dir command in the following way:

>> [~, output] = system('dir')

output =

ant      ant.cmd  antRun.bat  antenv.cmd           envset.cmd
ant.bat  antRun  lcp.bat


See also: Running C program's executable from Matlab and getting the output

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