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I try to change joomlas default favicon and I would like to place it in the root of my web. How can I do that?

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According to Joomla Documentation, the html.php looks into both template and root folder for favicon. Therefor it should show up if you just put in in root.

// Try to find a favicon by checking the template and root folder
       $path = $directory . DS;
       $dirs = array( $path, JPATH_BASE . DS );
       foreach ($dirs as $dir ) {

              $icon =   $dir . 'favicon.ico';
              if (file_exists( $icon )) {

                     $path = str_replace( JPATH_BASE . DS, '', $dir );
                     $path = str_replace( '\\', '/', $path );
                     $this->addFavicon( JURI::base(true).'/'.$path . 'favicon.ico' );
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