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I'm using MAC PRO with quite powerful hardware(8G memory, SSD and i5). However, when I run the Android simulator, it's so slow(spent 2 minutes on start-up) and more worse, it response so slowly to mouse click.

Is there any wrong with my configuration? or anything I can do? enter image description here


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tats the way it is .. –  Anukool May 9 '13 at 12:01
ohh, emulator is slow not your prob, check link for clarity. don't forget to upvote the answer if you like.. –  CRUSADER May 9 '13 at 12:02

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You can switch to the x86 emulator images, as is described in the documentation. The ARM emulator images are closer to what most production hardware runs, as most Android devices have ARM CPUs. However, OS X machines use x86 CPUs, and converting between ARM instructions and x86 instructions on the fly adds quite a bit of overhead. The x86 emulator requires some initial setup, but then will give you much faster results.

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It depends on your RAM. Bigger the size faster it'll be. you need to increase your ram.

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Using a real Android phone for testing is more reliable, some things don't work which does on an emulator, and most important, a real Android phone is much faster. If you don't have an Android phone you can try what the others said, increase the RAM size.

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