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I created a heap dump file with hprof using this command:

java -agentlib:hprof -cp "..\..\jars\trove.jar;.\bin" com.mysite.MyApp

This successfully created the file "java.hprof.txt" which was about 5MB. I then opened up jvisualvm to view this file, and loaded it in. But visualvm appears to be stuck on the loading screen. The screen below has been up for about 10 minutes now.

Did I miss a step? Should I have used different options on the command line with hprof? How can I read this heap dump file?

visualvm screenshot

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VisualVM supports heap dumps in binary HPROF format. It is easier to use VisualVM to create heap dump. If this is not possible use VisualVM, you can use jmap -dump:live,format=b,file=heap.bin <pid>. The advantage is that you don't need any special startup arguments and there is no slow down caused by hprof agent library.

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