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i have a cakephp web app that i'm developing. I have a UsersController.php file,which handles all users registrations and logins. When a user is logged in,he can use the functionality of FeaturesController.php. The FueaturesController.php has a view file,the create.ctp . In create.ctp,the user inserts some data into an HTML form and these data are saved into a database,using $this->Modelname->save($this->request->data).

NOW,i want to add into a field of the database the username of the user that did/used that HTML,but till now i have not succeed! My code looks like this:

$username = $this->Session->read('Auth.User.username');

so that i save the username of the user into the variable $username.

But now,how can i insert it into the database? I have tried various ways but it didn't work :/

Anyone's help is welcomed,thank you in advance :)

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You shouldn't add the username to the form, it's not secure as a malicious user simply has to modify the HTML to change it. Instead, you should set it right before saving:

$this->request->data['Modelname']['username'] = $this->Auth->user('username');

Assuming you're using the authentication component $this->Auth->user('username'); is the same as $this->Session->read('Auth.User.username'); by the way, just a bit shorter.

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ok tried that and worked now :) Thank you xgalvin!! – koslib May 9 '13 at 13:08
$data['modelname']['dbfieldname'] = $username;
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