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What programming languages are best suited to create technical charts for stocks on the server side and then stream out to http and see it on the browser.

Thanks Vishal

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It is hard to say what is "best".

This is something that Python can do well since it has add-on libraries for complex mathematical data manipulation such as NumPy and for quantitative finance such as Quantlib. Matplotlib is a very flexible Python charting library.

In addition, there is an IronPython-based spreadsheet called Resolver One that is popular in the financial services industry and they have an add-on that turns any spreadsheet into a web application.

If you did decide to use Resolver, you should be able to use almost any Python or .NET library and integrate it with your application.

I would suggest that you take a look at SVG as the graphical format for the technical charts because you can zoom into these charts in the web browser.

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Any language with a graphical library will do. I know of implementations in Perl, C++, and Java

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