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How can I put TAB inside itens in selectbox's option itens?

I have:

    <option>Tese - Teste de descrição</option>
    <option>Mais um - De desc.</option>
    <option>tabulação - Item de tabulação com info</option>

I wanna:

    <option>Tese        Teste de descrição</option>
    <option>Mais um     De desc.</option>
    <option>tabulação   Item de tabulação com info</option>

Update: Ok, vbTab or Chr(9) do it:

    <option>Tese<% Response.Write Chr(9) & Chr(9) & Chr(9) %>Teste de descrição</option>
    <option>Mais um<% Response.Write Chr(9) %>De desc.</option>
    <option>tabulação<% Response.Write Chr(9) & Chr(9) %>Item de tabulação com info</option>

but I could only see it in source code. The browser isn't rendering it.

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Unfortunately in HTML is not specified a TAB character.

In order to achieve the result you are looking for you can generate the options in the selection box padding with non breaking spaces (&nbsp;) the string where you were adding the vbTab. You can try this:

    Function Rpad (sValue, sPadchar, iLength)
      Dim result=""
      For i=0 to i=iLength - Len(sValue)
          result = result & sPadchar
    End Function

    <option><% Response.Write Rpad("Tese","&nbsp;",10)  %>Teste de descriзгo</option>
    <option><% Response.Write Rpad("Mais um","&nbsp;",10)  %>De desc.</option>
    <option><% Response.Write Rpad("tabulaзгo","&nbsp;",10)  %>Item de tabulaзгo com  info</option>

Sorry but I can't try if my code actually works so maybe you have to thweak it a little. I hope you get the sense of it.

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Hi. Thanks for the reply. My real situation is the example. I create that selectbox with a loop in a database... but the result is that one... I was hoping to use the tab to get a better reading (this is my real objective); –  Khrys May 9 '13 at 18:59
I was asking for the code you've used to concatenate with vbTab without success, so I can work out a solution for a similar behaviour using &nbsp;. The result I want to achieve is to emulate the tab with white spaces padding. –  misleadingTitle May 10 '13 at 8:00
Just updated the code... Thanks –  Khrys May 10 '13 at 12:57
The only way you will be able to achieve this is to set your font to a fixed width and then, as misleadingTitle states, use &nbsp; for the correct number of characters. <option>Mais um&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;De desc.</option>. –  Westie May 10 '13 at 16:04
I've update the code for my intended solution. The result is like @Westie suggestion, but programmatically achieved. –  misleadingTitle May 12 '13 at 9:43

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