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I have made my es schema with some fields marked as no_analysis for creating facets. But it seems some of my data contains whitespaces or lowercase letters. e.g. for a field named color i have values "BLACK", "Black", "Black ", which leads to 3 different facet terms. Is there some way to handle this without making changes to data?

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You can analyze your text without tokenizing it if you use the keyword tokenizer. That means that "Black Dog" would not be split into two tokens, but you can then apply token filters to modify the tokens, for instance lowercasing them using the lowercase filter and trimming them too using the trim token filter.

You need to create a custom analyzer in your index settings and use it in your mapping for the field you're faceting on.

As a result you would index the only "black" token out of the three "BLACK", "Black" and "Black " provided as input.

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