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Zend and jQuery $.ajax() callback not working

I can make my $.ajax() work on a web page, with input boxes, filled with a query with a php program, but I can't make it work using the same function, with a valid Zend action (either with a Zend-like url or using the fqdn url)


$.ajax() in Zend

I have an action that I'm certain is working, because accessing the following url


I get a web page with a json encoded record, because within my_action I have a call to a query as follows ...

$this->_helper->layout->disableLayout();  //disable "Zend automatic behavior"

$my_resulting_row = $my_model->my_query( $this->_getParam('some_id') );
$my_json = Zend_Json::encode($my_resulting_row);
echo $my_json;

as expected, that probes that the query is working, and also encoding is working


I also have an almost working javascript function like the following

function my_work( any_id ) {
    // alert(any_id);    // working OK
  $( function() {
   // window.opener.document.getElementsByTagName('input')[0].value = any_id; // ok

// now the problem: // the next line in my javascript is the call to $.ajax(), with the aim to 1) call a query to the database using the code "any_id", packed in json format 2) receive the obtained data 3) decode the data, then write data to each input box on the calling page

$.ajax({ type:'GET',   // which is the default, no need to put it here
         url:'/my_controller/my_action/any_id',   // action (showed above)
        data:any_id,        // just in case ... not working either way
    dataType:'json',        // supposed to "unpack" the data
  beforeSend: function(){ alert('here ok'); }, //this is OK 
     success:function( rows )  {    // not even an alert opens here
     for( var i in rows ) {
       var row = rows[i];
         // statements to put data in a web page
         // not even an alert works here (mean within success parameter)
        }//for loop
     error:function(){ alert('error'); },  // not working
    complete: ... is not popping up an alert()...

the above function IS actually working, but tested in a separated experimental page somewhere else (mean not in Zend) I even tried window.opener.document.getElementById('ia3').value=row[5]; and this also works, outside the Zend framework. I had added an init() in my controller to declare the AjaxContext, as indicated in some examples. And changed the view file suffix as ajax.phtml, but Zend doesn't see such file if I change the suffix (either that I call the controller/action using javascript or with url(), so I changed back to were I was.

In brief: I can make my $.ajax() callback work on a web page, with input boxes, that will be filled with a query from a separate php file, but I can't make it work using the same javascript function with $.ajax() callback, with a Zend action (that, as I said, I know IS working OK.)

Any clue where could be the solution to this ?

Thanks !

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Open up the console in Chrome and check the network panel for the request and you will most likely find your error –  Ashley May 10 '13 at 6:16
Thank you very much Ashley! Can't do it right now 'cause I have an outdated Ubuntu 10.04 (not any more supported). I'm currently opening with Firebug ... already disconnected actions, data, dataType, just to see an alert. I had also made sure I have an Ajax context established ($this->_helper->contextSwitch()->addActionContext('my_screen_to_fill_with_data'‌​,'json')->initContext();) as stated in Zend Manual (framework.zend.com/manual/1.12/en/…) –  Daniel Eleuterio May 10 '13 at 11:42

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