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I have 3 environments : dev, staging and live .

I use drupal and all content pages need to be synchronized when I deploy from dev-> staging -> live . I use a python deployment script (migraine) to copy the drupal mysql tables I want to migrate .

My problem is that I don't want to migrate the blog articles from dev because I don't want to force the blog editors to publish their articles twice (on live and dev) so when I do the release I don't destroy any new blog posts.

The problem is that the blog posts are stored in the node mysql table . I need to deploy the node table every time for new pages improvements, etc. The node table holds all content from all pages on a drupal website.

How can I sort this out without having to customize the drupal blog module ?

Bare in mind that I can't customize the deployment script just to deploy the nodes that don't have the type='blog' because the ids are sequecial and the blog articles would be erased when on dev I add new pages.

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A couple of thoughts.

  • If the Node ID is the only thing that is stopping you from just excluding blog, you could use the UUID module to give each node a universally unique identifier.

  • Rather than relying on the python script to migrate your content, have you looked into any of the Drupal modules that are written for this purpose? There's the Deploy module and the Migrate module among others.

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Thanks Adam. I am going to look into this. This should help me a lot ! –  Ricardo Parro May 9 '13 at 17:49

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