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How do I customize the file upload,

<input type="file" />

To look the same in all browsers? I want to invoke file browser on clicking on my custom styled button.

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You can overload the style on a upload button yourself by setting the opacity of the file upload to 0 and putting a div on top with the style you want. e.g.

    <input style="opacity:0; position: fixed;" onchange="openfile(event)" type="file">
    <div class="icon">Open</div>
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One option is to hide the real input and replace it with a button.


     var button = $("<button class='file_btn'>Upload File</button>");



A working fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/KQhGR/1/

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After thinking for half hour found a solution myself which just solves this problem.(Yes, I knew the answer when I posted this question, but wanted to see how others would solve this, and of course I want to share my solution with the rest)

Working jsfiddle example.

<input style="float:left; width:270px; height:25px;" id="path" name="path" disabled /> <!--disabled it, to avoid user from editing the file path-->
<input style="display:none;" type="file" id="photo-path" name="file" placeholder="" /> <!-- hide the default input type='file' coz its ugly :) -->

<button type="submit" onclick="document.getElementById('photo-path').click(); return false;">Browse</button>  <!-- but call hidden input type='file' when user clicks on your custom browse button,  -->

This is the JQuery code: (to copy file path to your custom field)

<script type='text/javascript'>
        var fileName = $(this).val();
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Your best bet for something like this is to use a plugin like Uploadify to not only style the upload button consistently but add a progress bar adn multiple file uploads.

Unfortunately there isn't a reliable way (that I know of) to style file uploads consistently across all browsers. It's one of those controls front end developers don't like to talk about.

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There is a reliable way to do this cross-browser. Many file upload libraries accomplish this already with a bit of CSS and javascript. –  Ray Nicholus May 9 '13 at 14:26

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